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Dating Tips For Seniors

If you are returning to the dating scene after a long absence you may be a little unsure of what to do. Perhaps you're not feeling as confident as you once were, so read through this hints and tips and see if any of them put your mind at rest.

Make Your Profile Stand Out

Your dating profile is like a resumé. Just as your resumé is designed to get you interviews, not the job itself, so your profile is meant to inspire interest, not generate marriage proposals.

  • Make sure you've corrected any spelling and grammatical errors.
  • List the positive aspects of your character, and don't refer to your ex partners.
  • Write enough to generate interest. Two or three paragraphs is plenty.

Smile at the Camera

It's really important to have at least one good photo on your profile. Your photo is the first thing any other member will see so it needs to be clear and you need to look your best. Spend a little time in getting this right as it will be time well spent:

  • For the main photo use a picture that shows your smiling face.
  • For your second photo you could choose one of you at home or outside.
  • For your third one you could use a holiday photo.

People form instant impressions from photos, so think about what impression you want to make. You could show yourself as flirtatious, romantic, thoughtful, playful, etc.

Be Courteous

If you were at a part and someone spoke to you, you wouldn't ignore them would you? Similarly, adopt the habit of replying to messages even if the person who sent them is of no interest to you. Sending a reply, even if it's to say that you don't feel you have anything in common with that person, is just good manners. Besides, you may find that once you start exchanging messages your first impression of that person may have been inaccurate, and you eventually do find something of mutual interest.

Take it slow

Some folks who join dating sites feel like kids in a candy shop. They see all the people eager to make contact and they waste no time in letting everyone know their email address and phone number, but we advise against this. Take it nice and slow and build up a rapport with the person first. Get to know them online by using the messaging on the site and only reveal your details when you feel ready to do so. Protecting your privacy by holding back on revealing your personal contact details will prevent any contact from anyone you might meet online who doesn't get the message that you're not interested.

Feeling like a teenager again?

When was the last time you went out on a date? If you've married and are now divorced or widowed it may have been quite a while, and going out on a date again after a long break from the dating scene induce feelings that you haven't experienced since you were a teenager! This is perfectly natural and you should embrace those feelings of excitement. It's meant to be fun so enjoy the ride!

Be an active member

Strange as it sounds there are some folks who join dating sites but who don't do much. They sit back and wait for someone to contact them and when that doesn't happen they give up on the whole experience. To succeed at this game you're gonna have to get busy. It's not enough to just join, you also need to be proactive, send gifts, winks, and messages. Respond to messages that come to you. Be chatty and communicative with others.

Talking others on a dating site doesn't bind you into any commitment. You're engaged in a social activity so that means you need to be sociable and talkative. In this way you will get to know other people and you'll soon begin to find one or two who interest you.

Be Persistant

If you don't succeed in finding romance, love, nor passion with your first few attempts using our dating site for seniors then don't give up. You may have to kiss a few frogs before you find your princ(ess), and the good thing about our site is that the situation changes every day as new members join. So there's always someone new to see and for you to get to know.

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