A nice cup of tea can be more stirring than sex1

Everyone’s obsessed by sex and many feel they not wanting to jump in to bed with their partner is not normal.

The reality is not feeling sexual desire is perfectly normal as the body ages, according to the British Association for Sexual and Relationship Therapy (BASRT).

So next time you would rather sit in front of the telly with a nice cup of tea dunking a digestive, don’t ask yourself wants wrong, congratulate yourself for acting your age.

Many older couples in relationships are happy to have a lovey-dovey mate rather than a full-on sexy partner.

Sometimes the mind’s willing but the body’s weak

Companionship and shared interests are more important later in life.

Of course, having a sex drive is not wrong and many older couples have a perfectly satisfying time in bed – but probably not quite so frequently as before.

In a lot of cases the mind’s willing but the body’s weak, as aches and pains take their toll and reduce agility.

It’s only when you feel age that you realise that you can’t dance the night away any more with a toy boy or trophy girl half your age.

A lot of older singles looking for romance try and compete with a younger generation to recapture lost youth, but for many, this just brings disappointment and frustration because they just can’t keep up with the pace.

Growing old disgracefully

– You can still grow old disgracefully and have a lot of fun along the way. Just trying cruising in second gear rather than racing away at full speed.

– Certainly people in relationships are expected to want to have sex with each other frequently and it can be difficult if their levels of desire don’t match up., says BASRT.

– First of all it is important to remember that sexual feelings ebb and flow over time and it perfectly common to have periods of lower and higher desire.

If you don’t feel desire over a long period of time it is worth asking yourself whether this really bothers you.

So next time your nudged or messaged by a bronzed cliff diver who enjoys gymnastics, put the kettle on before you reply.

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  1. Often women over fifty find that their libido is still going strong while men of their age having lost interest and the ability to enjoy making love. That’s why they find a younger man an attractive proposition. Often an older woman and a younger man are a good match 🙂

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