Is It Time To End Our Relationship?0

Is It Time To End Our Relationship?

Is It Time To End Our Relationship?Finding the right person to be with can seem difficult at times, but it can be equally difficult to realize that you are with the wrong person. People may ask themselves, “Is It Time To End Our Relationship?”, but they may not do anything about it.  They stay in relationships even though they know that it isn’t working anymore and it would be healthier to get out.

There are many reasons that people do this; they may not want to admit that they have failed in some way or for other people to know that they have failed. This is of course understandable, if you spend years building a relationship, putting your love and energy and time into a relationship with another person, of course you would have a hard time letting go.

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Is It Time To End Our Relationship?

Relationships go through ups and downs, it is inevitable and many couples will make it through these rough patches and some won’t. But at the end of the day the decision is only yours to make, you need to decide if your relationship is at an end.

This is an incredibly difficult decision to make and it can be difficult to know what factors to take into consideration. What aspects of the relationship are worth salvaging, can they be salvaged? These are just a few questions to ask yourself but perhaps the following are a few things you can consider.

In many relationships there will come a time when you feel that the spark has gone. This can take a couple of forms – perhaps the physical side of your relationship has taken a backseat or you simply aren’t connecting as you once did. This is not an immediate death sentence for your relationship; rather try to reignite the spark with a weekend away or some other small ‘test’ of the relationship.

If after this you still are not happy in the relationship then you may consider leaving but at least try first, many couples come through the other side, realizing that they still love each other.

There are some other questions that you might like to consider. They are not easy to answer but try to be as honest with yourself as possible:

  •     Have you or your partner ever cheated on the other person?
  •     Do you or your partner suffer from a wandering eye?
  •     How do you react when you think about the possibility of being separated from your partner?
  •     The connection that you have with your partner is it habitual or do you still feel that there is a meaningful connection between the two of you?
  •     Do you still have sex and if so, is it a chore or do you have fun?
  •     Do you two still go out for romantic date nights?
  •     Do you have conversations that are about things other than the details of domestic life?
  •     And finally, do you still get a tiny shock of longing and happiness when you see each other after being apart for a while?

There are many other possible questions that you could ask yourself, and it is best to talk it through with a good friend once you get closer to an understanding of what you want. The end of a relationship is not something to take lightly so take your time with the decision.

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