Life may begin at 40, but your love life needn’t end at 50!0

Life may begin at 40, but it certainly doesn’t end at 50 so don’t sit there feeling sorry for yourself if you have no romance in your life, get up and do something about it.

Teenagers may gross out at the thought of over 50’s dating but to be fair I bet all of use in our golden years don’t feel a day over 21 in our heads even though the creaking joints and extra padding try to tell us different.

Who wants to be 20 again?

If life has taught us anything, it’s that we don’t want to be 20 again – we’d rather remain as we are thank you, with all that accumulated wisdom that makes finding a partner less of a problem than we found at 20.

After all, we’re worldlier wise, more tolerant of our faults and those in others and generally just go about life to have some fun.

That’s why dating sites like Love Generations are so popular. For the over 50’s, settling in to a conversation with people in your Baby Boomer peer group who understand your outlook on life takes all the hassle from looking for that extra spark in your life.

Dating sites are great. Most sites probably have more over 50’s singles as members in one place at any one time than most small towns. You can browse profiles and pictures and strike up a conversation without fear of rejection.

Who cares if you’re bang on trend?

No one cares if you’re carrying a few extra pounds or whether you are bang on trend with the latest fashions.

I bet several of you sitting there reading this now are in your dressing gowns!

Try going down the pub dressed like that and see what people would say.

Dating sites like Love Generations have all the benefits of home shopping – you are in control, have a huge pool of potential friends, companions and partners to choose from and people have something in common with you.

What more could you ask? Well, when they find some way to pipe lager down broadband cables!

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