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The Most Common Relationship Breakers0

Relationship breakers come in many forms and they can creep up on you if you lose focus.  Love is a bit of a mystery. We don’t really know where it comes from or how it binds people together. All we know is that it can be the best thing in the world when the person […]

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Is It Time To End Our Relationship?0

Finding the right person to be with can seem difficult at times, but it can be equally difficult to realize that you are with the wrong person. People may ask themselves, “Is It Time To End Our Relationship?”, but they may not do anything about it.  They stay in relationships even though they know that […]

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Dating Tips for the Over 50s0

It is becoming increasingly common for the older generation to find themselves single once again after a long-term relationship has hit the rocks. Previous generations were more inclined to stay married, no matter how unhappy they were, but nowadays, unhappy couples are much more likely to file for divorce in the hope of enjoying a […]

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